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Century Cycle is a sole proprietor business and is dedicated to the safe and consistent care of clients bicycles, as well as the ethical collection and use of their data. By providing Century Cycle with any of this information, you are consenting to the fair collection and use of said data. Century Cycle uses your information for contacting you regarding the services we offer, including but not limited to; Any service done or to be done to your bicycle, information request regarding your bicycle, price quotes for services to be done, invoices for service, and possible recall or warranty for parts installed or provided by Century Cycle. Century Cycle does not share any personal data of its clients with a third party, and has specific measures in place to protect personal information. Upon request of the client, Century Cycle can produce to the client exactly what personal information of theirs is being held, and dispose of personal data previously on file. However if the client wishes for their information to be disposed, they accept that Century Cycle will not contact them with information regarding any of the reasons previously outlined.

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